This funky style was made on a whim, but has become one of my most popular styles! The size is great, it's not too big, but it's not tiny. The cross body style is very convenient, casual, and cute. Stick with a cotton print, or get crazy and go for the gusto with a squirrel purse!

I make two types of Hipsters – some with cotton prints, and some with a heavier fabric on which I applique cute, funky designs! The squirrel is my "classic" because he's been around the block with me a few times. I also make octopus, toast face, and sometimes do a silk screen (when I have the patience to make up my silk screening area!)

The straps are made from either 1 1/2 inch wide seat belt webbing, or 1 1/2 inch wide webbing (usually when I use a colored strap).

Hipsters snap shut at the top with a wide tab and sturdy snap.

Each Hipster comes with a satin lining that coordinates in some way with the fabric. Inside is a large, open pocket on one side that is divided down the center.

On the back of every Hipster, there's a printed fabric fortune. It's a little extra something, unique to Bolsa Bonita, to make you smile when you have on your Hipster!

I gusset the bottom to give it a roomier inside and (depending on what you're stuffing in your purse) allows it to sit up on its own. The body of the bag is soft because it's lined with a thin layer of foam. This gives it shape, but keeps it supple.
The fur on all my squirrel bags is FAKE. (YES-- it IS fake, as fake as fake can get-- touch it with an iron if you don't believe it!). The bodies of the squirrels are made with upholstery velveteen or "suede", or velveteen. I appique each part on the purse, and then free-stitch with my machine to create his eye with the little glimmer in it!
The fur is long and luxurious and fun! I love a brown or grey squirrel, of course, but I also indulge in bright red, hot pink, light pink, black, and sometimes purple! It's cared for very easily – to keep it fluffy, roll a lint brush over it and it'll pull up the hairs. For a real day at the salon for Mr. Squirrel, use a hot blow dryer and blast the fur. It heats up the synthetic fibers and fluffs them out.
Grey squirrels are great, aren't they? Cousins to the brown squirrels!


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