Below are some tips for keeping your bolsa beautiful. Most of my purses need to be spot cleaned, but a few can be fully hand washed or even tossed in the washing machine for heavy duty cleaning. Even if your purse isn't dirty, sometimes a spruce up with a good ironing really makes it fresh again.

Please read the list of purses and their specific care at the bottom of this page!


All the fur I use is synthetic, so it can be washed by hand in the sink (if it's really in need), or simply fluffed up with a hair dryer! After packing my purses for shows, I often have to re-fluff the fur. All it takes is a quick burst from a hair dryer and all is well again.

Slightly crushed fur ... not acceptable.

Quick shot with a hot hair dryer and the synthetic fibers straighten!

Look how great he looks now!

For super easy ironing, buy yourself an inexpensive oven mitt. I got mine at the dollar store (that's why it's hideous).

In a pinch, I've used a towel.

The oven mitt will keep your hand protected from the heat of the iron so you can slip your hand right inside a purse and iron it while holding it.
You will quickly start to love this way of ironing.

Keep in mind that the mitt will help protect your hand, but you may start to feel the heat to an uncomfortable degree unless you move the iron around. Bottom line: pay attention.

This is a great technique for purses that are not flat and have a lot of hard to reach areas or round edges.
I find this ironing technique most useful on the Hipsters, Satchels, all structured totes (Ziptotes, silk bags, etc) and for sometimes ironing clothes while I'm wearing them.

With all purses, hand washing or machine washing should be done with cold water, mild detergent, and blotted dry as soon as possible. Hanging to dry is better for the purse than machine drying. Printed fortunes will remain intact unless soaked or allowed to stay very wet for long periods of time. Re-ironing them when damp will speed drying and help keep the text sharp.
Product name Specific care
Teeny Tiny Hand wash, but machine washing is acceptable.
Hipster (all fabric) Hand washing is preferred, but machine washing works.
Satchels (all fabric version) The satchels with no applique work can be hand washed, but spot cleaning is preferred. The top flap can be immersed in water, hand washed, blotted dry and ironed back to shape.
Satchels (applique work: squirrels, bunnies, etc) Spot cleaning is best, but hand washing is okay if it really needs a good cleaning. See satchel cleaning above. Don't forget to blow dry the fur!
Vintage Inspired Spot clean only- lining can be pulled out and hand washed in sink if necessary.
Ziptote Spot clean if possible, hand wash with care.
Zipster Hand wash, but machine washing is acceptable. When ironing, don't touch the vinyl!
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