When thinking about my philosophy for business, I realized it's nearly the same as my philosophy for life. I really enjoy my life, and a big part of that is immensely enjoying what I do for a living. I'm so grateful to be in this position– where the line between work and play is sometimes blurred.

I have fun designing and making my purses, so I hope those who carry them have fun too! I've had people tell me that they can see my sense of humor in my work, and that is such a great compliment. I find life to be very, very funny. There are so many absurd things around us every day, why not try to see the humor and enjoy life instead of being cranky?

From the first time I made a purse over 17 years ago, to the purse I just finished today, there has been a terrific amount of growth. I've honed my skills by sewing thousands of purses. I enjoy the process of problem solving and creating patterns that can continue to be tweaked and improved. If I find a better way of doing something, I'll change my pattern and try to do so without increasing the price. I may not be working from the business model a lot of people are using, but I want to love my work and make it accessible to all. If things get easier for me, I want things to get easier for my customers!

The main reason I do not do custom work is because I feel like my collection is my personal expression. I think there's a lot of power behind things people make from the heart. When I gush over fabrics, colors, patterns, and new designs, I'm not making it up– I really do feel a love for my work. Loving my work also means I take a lot of pride in it. I want the seams to be strong and straight, and the designs to be polished. I hope that my purses will stand the test of time and be used for years!


I try to be fair in my pricing. I offer a wide range of purses and prices so that everyone can find something in his or her budget. I also want to provide satisfaction for the products I offer. If I hear of someone who is not happy, I definitely want to know why and if it's something I can fix.

In a world full of mass produced items, I strive to provide handbags with individuality and uniqueness for those who seek it out. It feels so good to own something that is meaningful and makes you happy just to look at it! It's a great feeling to have the woman behind you at the grocery store say, "oooh, I love your purse! Where did you get it?" Saying, "From a woman in Austin who makes them" sure sounds better than "the mall".

Buy handmade when you can! It'll make you feel good.

– Enjoy my creations!










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